jessica melville

jessica melville
MEET Benjamin Tessier

Bid Manager

Team Business Development Unit – Great Britain Retail

Segment Corporate Risk and Broking

Location London, United Kingdom

Year hired 2015

University École Nationale d’Assurances ENAss, Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, France, Bachelor’s Degree, Insurance

Personal skills or interests

I speak two languages and make a very good guacamole (according to my wife).

Can you tell us about the day-to-day responsibilities of your job?

I’m a major accounts bid manager in the team that helps GB retailers manage risks to their businesses and develop mitigation strategies, including the purchase of appropriate insurance coverage. In this role, I serve as the project lead and coordinator for our Technical and Account Management teams, with particular responsibility for ensuring that our bids for retailers’ business, both technical and commercial, meet both the client needs and proposal requests as well as our own financial objectives. My role also includes organization and management of annual reviews for key clients, including assessment of business strategies and outlook, and assisting in the transition and implementation of projects won.

What are the key challenges of your role? How have you overcome them?

Once we receive a request for proposal (RFP), I have to make sure that delivery of our services proceeds according to what was promised during the initial bidding process. My key challenges involve getting the right people involved in the proposal and overseeing the RFP so it’s submitted on time and according to the client’s needs.

What’s been one of your most exciting projects to date?

I had the opportunity to manage a major proposal involving multinational support from our offices in Paris, the U.S., and our Natural Resources specialty team in London. This project exemplified Willis Towers Watson’s approach to working as one team to offer the best possible value to a client.

What training and development opportunities have you enjoyed as a result of your role at Willis Towers Watson?

I originally worked as a bid manager in Paris. Being involved in cross-country projects has allowed me to visit other offices and eventually transfer to a different business unit that required relocation to the UK.

What is your proudest achievement since joining Willis Towers Watson?

I had invested a high level of involvement and quality into my role in Paris, so being recommended internally by upper management to transfer to the London office showed me that the company supports my personal goals.

How would you describe the culture at Willis Towers Watson?

The culture is very much client-focused, with colleagues eager to differentiate our company from our competitors. I also feel that inclusion and diversity is a true part of the company’s culture, evident on a day-to-day basis.

What do you like best about working at Willis Towers Watson?

I like the level of goodwill shown by all colleagues within the organisation as well as the recognition received for bringing added value to the team and contributing toward the growth of the business.

Was there anything that surprised you about your role or the company?

I was surprised by how close-knit colleagues are considering how large the organisation is, particularly in their ability to work together to achieve mutual goals of growth and success — and the fantastic view from the 15th floor of the Willis Towers Watson Lime Street building in London!

What is your hope for your career in the future?

I hope to reach a management-level position within the organisation or a role in which we could further develop the relationship between GB and France. Specialising in a field such as the reinsurance market or an industry such as natural resources might also be of interest. The choice is endless here!

Based on your experience, what advice would you give someone considering employment with Willis Towers Watson?

Within the past three years, the merger of Willis and Towers Watson has brought tremendous transformation and offered good opportunities for talented individuals who are looking for a dynamic and challenging environment. I joined the Paris-based insurance broker, Gras Savoye, now a Willis Towers Watson company, prior to the merger. I recently transferred to the London office knowing that there’d be opportunities to evolve within this fully-integrated organisation.