jessica melville

jessica melville
MEET Felipe Pradel

Property & Casualty Intern

(former Property & Casualty Apprentice)

Felipe Pradel

Team Property & Casualty

Segment Corporate Risk & Broking

Location São Paulo, Brazil

Program Apprenticeship program 2018 and Internship program 2019

University Universidade Paulista

How did you come across our Internship program offering?

When the term of my Health & Benefits (H&B) apprenticeship contract was almost finished, the Property & Casualty (P&C) team offered me to join their Internship program.

Tell us a bit about your key responsibilities when you were an apprentice

As an apprentice in the H&B team, I learned how to quote and contract Individual Life and Travel Insurance and manage the relationship with clients. I also provided support to activities in the Life Insurance area.

What were some key things that you have learnt during your Internship program?

As an intern, I am learning how to work with Hub Network Outbound Support & Administration with Latin American countries and local clients. In addition, I’m also learning about internal global communications and the renewal of assistance of customer service provision, amongst other responsibilities.

Do you recall your best memory? Tell us about it!

Winning the tickets to the BRAZIL x BARBARIANS Rugby game! I am an avid rugby fan and I enjoy playing. Due to my academic and professional responsibilities I haven’t been able to find the time to play anymore. So being able to attend to a game with some colleagues was an amazing experience.

What did you like the most about our culture and values?

The caring treatment towards colleagues, recognizing and reminding us that we are not just numbers but people who are valued greatly.

Which other position(s) have you filled since you finished your Internship program and where? Did you ever imagine you would fill these positions when you were an intern?

I am still in the early careers program, but I feel more confident each day working on global programs’ processes. The range for technical and professional growth is large, which have been my goals since I joined Willis Towers Watson.

How did being an apprentice help you prepare for your current position at Willis Towers Watson?

Being an apprentice helped me understand and keep track of insurance contracting processes, build relationships with clients and foster the relation with my colleagues, all of which served as a basis for most of my current responsibilities.

Is there anyone you would like to thank or who was integral to your experience?

Willis Towers Watson is filled with expert professionals who are always ready to help other colleagues, like me, grow. I would like to thank my mentors: Adilson Dos Santos and Heney Fernandez as well as Paula Campos and Bruno Torres who discovered me and brought me to the P&C team. Also, I’m grateful for my H&B colleagues, Andrea Zaboni, Silvania Cardoso and Pedro Prata, who always supported me.

Lastly, I would like to thank Eduardo Escudeiro and Andressa Stail for the trust and willingness to guide and support me throughout the different stages of the programs.

What advice would you give to someone who’s eager to apply to a Willis Towers Watson Internship program?

Be prepared to join Willis Towers Watson with confidence and willingness to learn and execute. Your good work will be recognized!

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