jessica melville

jessica melville
#WhereAreTheyNow Irene Larbi

Lead Actuarial Associate

(former Retirement Intern)

Team Retirement

Segment Human Capital & Benefits

Location Arlington, U.S.

Program Internship program 2016

University Youngstown State University

How did you come across our Internship program offering?

I was introduced to Willis Towers Watson’s Internship program during a career fair organized by the International Association of Black Actuaries (IABA).

Tell us a bit about your key responsibilities when you were an intern

As an intern, I was given responsibilities that helped me learn about the business and the organization, including:

  • Working on a pension plan termination project alongside a Senior Consulting Actuary
  • Performing data intensive tasks in Excel
  • Performing pension benefit calculations for plan participants
  • Working on an actuarial equivalence project with other interns.

What were some key things that you learnt during your Internship program?

The top five things I learnt as an intern helped me expand my knowledge about the Human Capital & Benefits area, whilst helping me grow as a professional and as a person:

  • Professional networking
  • Time management and prioritizing
  • Industry standards and practices
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence and adaptability

Do you recall your best memory? Tell us about it!

My best memory was my final internship presentation. It was the culmination of everything I had learnt and all the people I had the opportunity to work with. It was such a thrill and it didn’t hurt that I did a great job!

What did you like the most about our culture and values?

Willis Towers Watson’s efforts towards Inclusion & Diversity (I&D). I’m originally from Ghana and I had been in the US for about a year, so I was still getting used to everything. The internship was a great introduction and warm welcome to corporate America.

Which other position(s) have you filled since you finished your Internship program and where? Did you ever imagine you would fill these positions when you were an intern?

I am currently a Lead Actuarial Associate in the Retirement Line of Business, mentee in Financial Wellbeing, member of the recruiting team and actively involved in I&D initiatives. These roles are very important accomplishments for me since some were goals I set for myself as an intern and I am glad to have had the opportunity to exceed them and aim higher.

How did being an intern help you prepare for your current position at Willis Towers Watson?

I was already accustomed to the tools, processes, culture and colleagues, so it reduced any onboarding stress, allowed me to settle in easily and focus on my actual work.

Is there anyone you would like to thank or who was integral to your experience?

Internship coordinators, my buddy and all my client teams.

What advice would you give to someone who’s eager to apply to a Willis Towers Watson Internship program?

Go ahead and apply! It’s a great company to work for. We live by our values and strive to continuously improve our early careers programs, so all our colleagues get the best out of them.

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