jessica melville

jessica melville
#WhereAreTheyNow Ridhima Bhatnagar

Catastrophe Modeler

(former Catastrophe Analytics Graduate)

Team Catastrophe Analytics (International)

Segment Corporate

Location Mumbai, India

Program Graduate program 2019

University University of Mumbai

How did you come across our Graduate program offering?

I was in the last semester of my Master’s in Economics at the University of Mumbai, when I met the Willis Towers Watson Early Careers Recruitment Team.

Tell us a bit about your key responsibilities when you were a graduate

As a graduate, I mainly focused on assisting the Europe Middle East and Africa, West/South (EMEA W/S) Catastrophe (CAT) Analytics team in Mumbai and across Willis Towers Watson to pan global locations.

What were some key things that you learnt during your Graduate program?

I learnt plenty of important things, however I would highlight three:

  • Any problem can be solved by thinking outside of the box
  • Teamwork gives flight to your ideas
  • Communication is pivotal – if you thoroughly communicate with your manager and colleagues, you’ll find it easier to overcome challenges when they arise.

Do you recall your best memory? Tell us about it!

The Mumbai team would organize fun games on Friday afternoons for teams to play. However, if I had to pick one favorite memory, it would definitely be the Secret Santa game played during Christmas week for obvious reasons: gifts!

What did you like the most about our culture and values?

The value I liked the most is respect, which every colleague had for each other. I am also very proud of working in an organization where teamwork is a key value to achieve excellence.

Which other position(s) have you filled since you finished your Graduate program and where? Did you ever imagine you would fill these positions when you were a graduate?

Currently, I’m CAT Modeler based in Mumbai. As a student, I had little understanding of quantitative subjects. However, when I joined as a graduate, the supportive team and the structured program helped me overcome my fears and made me feel confident about my preparation and knowledge.

How did being a graduate help you prepare for your current position at Willis Towers Watson?

The training that I received at Willis Towers Watson gave me a real opportunity to know myself. I came to understand my strengths and improvement areas. The continuous mentoring and well-defined training program strengthened my confidence professionally and personally.

Is there anyone you would like to thank or who was integral to your experience?

I would like to thank my colleagues from different teams across the globe, since they all were an important part of my journey. Every day I come across new colleagues that teach me something new. I would also like to specially thank my manager, Shivmala, my lead, Pritam, and my mentor, Sharmin who has been exceptionally patient with my numerous questions!

What advice would you give to someone who’s eager to apply to a Willis Towers Watson Internship program?

Close your eyes slightly, keep your mind wide open, feel the adrenaline in your body and take a plunge for a better, bigger and brighter future.

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