jessica melville

jessica melville
MEET Salmaan Saeed

Corporate Risk and Broking (CRB)


Team Corporate Risk and Broking (CRB)
Experience level Intern

Location London, UK

What made you decide to apply to WTW?

My time at sixth form was cut short due to the pandemic, and I didn’t like the idea of not getting the full university experience. Rather than having to study from home for the whole of first year, I decided to look into other opportunities such as apprenticeships. I was fascinated by the fact that I could work in a professional environment, while also studying towards a qualification that directly supports my role.

After looking at various apprenticeship opportunities, I found WTW. It was a company that really stood out to me due to its wide range of business functions and high calibre of clients.

How did you feel when starting your role at WTW?

I was very nervous when I started my role at WTW, however during my first week, I met my manager and new team in person and had the opportunity to get to know everyone. It was also a huge help that on my third day, my department held their ‘Summer Social in September’, where I got the chance to meet many more colleagues face-to-face in a very relaxed environment. It was a great way to settle into the company and everyone around me was quick to help if I had any questions or concerns.

What is your current work style?

My current work style is hybrid. This means that my typical work week involves working from the office as well as at home. I have the flexibility to visit the office some weeks more than others, depending on my schedule. As an apprentice that is also studying for my qualifications where my lessons and examinations are all remote, working from home allows me to maximise my study time.

What do you enjoy most about working at WTW?

One of my favourite things about working at WTW is the opportunity I’ve had to meet and learn from experienced professionals within the industry.
WTW has many initiatives to support colleagues’ continuous professional development, especially people that are just starting out in their careers. For example, I am currently on the WTW Mentorship Programme, which is helping me learn and grow both personally and professionally. Since starting the programme, I have been paired with my mentor, Kirstie, and this has provided me with the chance to work alongside an experienced professional and benefit from an honest and unbiased opinion outside of the department I work in. I really appreciate the guidance I have received from Kirstie and her mentorship has been a great way for me to develop.
Additionally, my department (Financial Solutions) has developed their own new programme called the FS Development Coach Programme where people can choose a development coach and organise meetings and coffee catch ups with.
Another great aspect of working at WTW is the office views. I work in the London office that has 23 floors. On floor 23 there are only meeting rooms, so when clients visit, it is great to book a meeting room where you can see a beautiful view of London.

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome since working with WTW?

The biggest challenge I have had to come since working with WTW is public speaking. Working in a role where my manager and I regularly visit insurers at their office, it is important to make sure that any feedback, points of discussion and possible concerns are clearly communicated so that we can develop and increase our working partnership. Working with my manager on developing my own speaking style and learning more about what makes an effective presentation and conversation, I have become a lot more confident.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is looking to start their career at WTW?

Have a look at the lines of business that WTW are involved in. WTW hires across Property and Casualty, Marine, Financial solutions and many more, have a look at what each area of the business is involved in, their clients and their people. With this, you can begin to see what interests you and go from there. WTW has some great articles on what each area of business is doing, changes within the industry and leadership pieces. These articles may also have the author’s name and email address, so you are able to reach out and ask questions.